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    So, after a long thought, ‘ve decided to ditch this tumblr and start posting my edits and stuff to my main tumblr. I reblog some of my work from here to my main tumblr but won’t be posting anything new here, so go to my main tumblr for new stuff. Thanks!

God bless the child who is broken and bruised God bless the child who just wants to be good Oh, beware to take care of yourself or you’ll lack the strength to help somebody else So take care, so take care of yourself 

    God bless the child 
    who is broken and bruised 
    God bless the child 
    who just wants to be good 

    Oh, beware 
    to take care of yourself 
    or you’ll lack the strength 
    to help somebody else 

    So take care, so take care 
    of yourself 

  5. And does it make you sad
    To find yourself alone

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  9. Anonymous said: hi! what's the font that you used in your text tutorial?

    hi! it’s called ‘book jacket’ :) you can download it here.

  10. (color) + (fandom) + (my ask box) = picspams


    By fandom I mean show, character or pairing.

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